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Leaders Don't Kill Time, They Execute It!

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Master Your Week!

A One Day Time Management Masterclass!

Dr. Charles Simmons Jr.

Hey Leaders!

Leading today can be challenging. We contend with so many distractions that staying organized is vital to success.  Have you ever said “where has the time gone?” Yet, you haven’t accomplished anything for that day. I want to help you stress less and accomplish more. Mastering your week is the first step! 

Are you struggling with a never ending to-do-list? Do you feel as if you barely have enough energy to be productive?  Have you ever thought of time thieves? The small distractions that steal your time.  Well, I’ll let you in on a secret—you’re NOT the only one. Most leaders prior to me helping them would also reply YES to these three questions. 

Although you might feel relief knowing you're not alone, you shouldn't accept it as your normal state of being. Transform your life by learning proven time & energy management skills from renowned strategist, thought leader, coach, and author Dr. Charles Simmons Jr. Master your week and find yourself decreasing stress, increasing energy, experiencing a clearer focus, and boosting your productivity.

Join us on November 12 from 10 am to 2 pm (cst). This one-day masterclass is packed with actionable insights and proven strategies that help you master every single day of your week. Slots are limited so register now!

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